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Purchase Life Principles for Christ-like Living
by Jennifer Devlin
AMG Publishers
ISBN: 0-89957-339-8

The Following God Bible Study Series from AMG Publishers is made up of five different categories of Bible study products ideal for group and individual study.

All five categories typically follow the same basic format with five daily readings per lesson and loads of interactive application sections, sidebars, charts, illustrations, and background information. Books targeting adults are in workbook format.

Jennifer's study on Christ-like Living
is part of the Following God
Christian Living Series.


What do Abraham and Moses have to do with living a Christ-like life?

What does the church at Laodicea teach us about godly living?

Why do we need to know about the ministry of Jesus if we are to live like Him? 

All of these questions, and many more, are answered in our twelve week journey together.

In Life Principles for Christ-like Living, Jennifer Devlin offers readers a deeper understanding of key concepts in Scripture and how they relate to living a Christ-like life. Each week the participants will discover how to live godly lives through the truths shown in various "3:16" verses of the New Testament. Readers will experience the connection of living a Christ-like life revealed through Genesis to Revelation, and will learn how to apply these truths to their lives. T
hese key verses will help us discover that the actions, encouragements and corrections from Jesus and His disciples have a great impact on how we can live a life that reflects Christ in all we do.